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Hydraulic Leveling System for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Motorhomes

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Welcome to Effortless Leveling for Your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Motorhome

Experience ultimate convenience and stability on your adventures with our hydraulic leveling system designed for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter motorhomes. Say goodbye to manual leveling hassles and hello to effortless stability at every stop.

Key Features of Our Hydraulic Leveling System:

  1. One-Touch Leveling: With just one push of a button, activate our hydraulic leveling system, which automatically adjusts your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter motorhome for perfect leveling on any terrain. Enjoy the convenience of effortless setup.

  2. Customizable Settings: Tailor the leveling system to your needs with customizable settings for different terrain conditions. Whether you're parked on a slope or uneven ground, our system ensures your motorhome remains stable and comfortable.

  3. Quick and Easy Installation: Designed for easy installation on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter motorhomes, our hydraulic leveling system minimizes downtime and gets you back on the road in no time. Say goodbye to complicated setup processes and hello to stress-free adventures.

  4. Enhanced Stability and Comfort: Enjoy a smoother and more comfortable stay in your motorhome with our hydraulic leveling system. Say goodbye to rocking and swaying, and experience a stable and relaxing environment wherever your travels take you.

Upgrade Your Travel Experience Today

Transform your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter motorhome into the ultimate travel companion with our hydraulic leveling system. Experience the convenience of one-touch leveling and enjoy stable and comfortable stays at any destination with ease. Upgrade your travel experience today and embark on stress-free adventures on the road.


Hydraulic level systems Mercedes Benz Sprinter MA-VE Hydraulic levelling system motorhome


The hydraulic levelling system is applicable on almost all campers. For campers on which standard kit’s can’t be used, special adapters will be supplied.

The high-end hydraulic levelling system by Ma-Ve is pure luxury. The system can be controlled with the control panel, but also with an App on the iPhone, Android smartphone or tablet. The app will use the bluetooth of the smartphone to connect to the Ma-Ve system.

The jacks have 5 layers of coating to optimally protect them agains corrosion and have stainless steel ground plates with holes to drain moisture.
The Hydraulic pump can be supplied in 12V and a 24V version. Further are these pumps supplied with an emergency manual pump in case of a low Voltage of the battery.

The Ma-Ve levelling system can be supplied with special return valves to make sure the system won’t go down in case of a leaking hose.

The system for the Fiat Ducato will be supplied with telescopic jacks to make the ground clearance as high as possible.

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