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Complete sets

These professionally assembled complete sets

are everything you need to equip your camper with a hydraulic system for leveling and stabilizing.

Set composition:

  • 4 Hydraulic support legs
  • 1 set of mounting brackets
  • 1 hydraulic compact unit
  • 1 set of hoses
  • 1 Control box
  • 1 Control panel
  • 1 Hand pump control lever
  • 1 User manual


Mounting bracket and protective cover for external installation

Showing 5 from 5 Products
Showing 5 from 5 Products
Hydraulisches Niveausystem für den Ford Transit.

Hydraulic levelling system Ford Transit

£5,345.45 (Incl. VAT £890.91)
In stock

Hydraulic levelling system Iveco Daily

£5,389.99 (Incl. VAT £898.33)
In stock
Hydraulisches Nivelliersystem für ALKO-Fahrgestelle

Hydraulic levelling system motorhome-x250-x290-al-ko

£4,994.40 (Incl. VAT £832.40)
In stock
Hydraulisches Nivelliersystem für Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.
Hydraulisches Nivelliersystem für Fiat Ducato

Hydraulic level system Fiat Ducato X250-290

£5,345.45 (Incl. VAT £890.91)
In stock


Would you like to install a high-quality hydraulic leveling system under your camper yourself?

This is possible by ordering an MA-VE hydraulic leveling system for your camper.

In addition to the set, you have the option to choose a bracket for mounting the pump and compact unit under the camper.

With this bracket, a protective cover is included to ensure that it is not hit by stones or other objects while driving..