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Universal control panel air suspension

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Universal control panel

The universal control panel is a versatile solution commonly utilized in vehicles lacking a brand-specific dashboard panel for air suspension systems. Positioned typically beside the driver's seat, this control unit offers essential functionalities including:

1. Dual pressure gauges: Equipped with two pressure gauges, each overseeing an airbag, enabling precise monitoring of airbag pressure. This ensures proper functionality of the air suspension system and maintains vehicle stability.

2. Dual fill and exhaust valves: Featuring two valves to adjust airbag pressure, facilitating height adjustments, particularly useful when loading conditions vary.

This universal control panel serves as a flexible option for vehicles with air suspension systems, ensuring optimal performance and stability in the absence of a brand-specific control unit.


A control panel for air suspension

is a vital component utilized to regulate and fine-tune the air suspension systems found in various vehicles, including trucks, buses, and select cars. Unlike conventional steel springs, air suspension employs air springs to manage the vehicle's level and ride height.

This control panel empowers drivers or operators with the capability to adjust several aspects of the air suspension, encompassing:

1. Level control: Enabling adjustment of the vehicle's ride height, either manually or automatically, contingent upon the system type.

2. Comfort settings: Some control panels offer options to modify ride firmness or softness, granting drivers the flexibility to choose between a plush, comfortable ride or a more responsive, sporty handling experience.

3. Load management: Particularly crucial for cargo-carrying vehicles, the control panel facilitates setting the appropriate load level, ensuring stability and safety during loading and unloading operations.

4. Manual adjustments: Certain control panels provide manual control functionalities, allowing drivers to tailor the air suspension according to their preferences or specific driving conditions.

5. Visual feedback: Offering real-time information regarding current pressures and other pertinent parameters, allowing drivers to monitor the air suspension system's status effortlessly.

In essence, an air suspension control panel serves as an indispensable tool for drivers and operators of vehicles equipped with air suspension systems. It enables customization of the suspension to suit varying conditions and requirements, ultimately enhancing control, comfort, and safety while driving.

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