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SR Mecatronic ASR 800 Plus DF

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Compact, fast, silent. It is the ideal antenna for those travelling to remote places.
Capable of fully automatic LNB angle correction (e.g. Portugal, Morocco and Turkey).
The only one with intelligent GPS (powered while the motorhome is on the move), equipped with an inclinometer to maintain the correct elevation while searching for the satellite even with the motorhome tilted.
This makes the ASR 850 Flat Skew unrivaled on the market.


The SR Mecatronic ASR 800 Plus DF is a very reliable and accurate dish with a low construction height of only 19 cm.
The Mecatronic systems are one of the flattest satellite dishes available on the market.
In addition to the standard SRMecatronic series, we also supply the even lower Mecatronic FLAT series.
The shell and the motor unit are made of high quality materials.
The motors used are robust and ensure reliable operation.
The use of electronics in the outdoor unit has been avoided as much as possible.
Electronics in the indoor unit are better protected from the elements.
The location of the electronics gives the system this high level of reliability.
The SR Mecatronic 800 Plus DF dish has a low total weight of only 15.9 kg and can be combined with a receiver of your choice.
Due to its low weight, the unit can be mounted on almost all roofs without additional reinforcement.
The SR Mecatronic 800 Plus DF has a DVB-S2 tuner and is therefore fully ready for future digital broadcasts.
The Plus version of Mecatronic has 15 satellite positions.
DF The SR Mecatronic 800 Plus DF is equipped with an LNB with 2 outputs so that 2 receivers or two TVs with a built-in receiver can be connected.

In short: For a good, reliable and robust satellite system, which is the first to be ready for the future changes of ASTRA and Canal Digitaal, we recommend a system from SR MECATRONIC.

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