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SR Mecatronic ASR 800 Bluetooth SKEW Plus

£2,349.00 (Incl. VAT £391.50)
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The Bluetooth version of the SR Mecatronis asr800 with SKEW enables you to control and check the system by using the app on a smartphone.


The Mecatronic ASR 800 Plus is a very reliable and accurate system with a height in parking position of only 19cm. The Mecatronic systems are one the lowest available in the market. Next to the “normal” SR Mecatronic systems we even have the flattest systems by Mecatronic called the FLAT serie.


The dish and motor unit are made of high quality materials. The engines for rotation and elevation are robust and make the whole system work flawless.

The Mecatronic 800 Plus system has a low total weight of only 15,9 kg and can be combined with a receiver at choice. Due to the low weight the system can be installed on every roof without reinforcement.

The Mecatronic 800 Plus has a DVB-S2 tuner and is fully prepared for possible changes in the near future.
The Plus has 15 satellites standard.

For a good, robust and reliable satellite system we recommend a system produced by SR Mecatronic.

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