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Jack pads E&P

£162.24 (Incl. VAT £27.04)
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The Jack Pad:

  • Increases the surface of the base plate of your EP hydraulic level system
  • Protects the footplate against wear
  • Insulates the camper from the earth
  • Adds grip
  • Have a lifetime warranty


  • The Jack pads are UV light, salt, snow, ice resistant and can handle high loads.
  • The Jack pad is made of high quality rubber, the same rubber used in coal mines for conveyor belts.
  • The Jack pads are easy to fit and can simply remain on the foot plates while driving.
  • Before mounting, heat the pad during 30 seconds with a hair dryer to make it souple for easy installation.
  • The base of the jack will click into the Jack pad and it will lock into place.
  • Total weight (4 pieces): 2.8kg
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