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Comfort 7.3" airsuspension Fiat Ducato

£868.80 (Incl. VAT £144.80)
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7,3″ comfort air bags for a Fiat Ducato build 2006 > Present
Including installation materials, manifold and hoses

Without dashboard panel
Without compressor


Top Drive is a top quality manufacturer of Air suspension systems.

Top Drive Air Suspension systems are an ideal addition to any commercial van or motorhome which has variable loads or is consistantly heavy loaded.
The air suspension will increase the ride height back to where the manufacturer intended it to be, so the vehicle is not down on the bump stops. This means your suspension will last longer and will increase comfort and driveability.
The improved stance of the suspension will position the shock absorbers at the optimum height and therefore improves dampingas well

Top Drive Air suspension systems have a choice of suspension feel from standard, comfort, super comfort and reïnforced.
The suspension feel is a compromise between road holding, support, road handling and ride comfort.
The larger the air bag the more comfortable the ride due to the reduction of the internal air pressure, which can also reduce the wear on the air bag, enabling the unit to last longer without replacement.

Available for a huge variety of european road vehicles.

  • TUV tested and approved
  • For Commercial vehicles and Motorhomes/Campervans
  • Increases suspension travel to maintain ride height
  • Improves ride comfort and road handling 
  • Level off-centre loads
  • Optional: Installed with on-board compressor for height adjustments with vehicle specific control panel
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