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Superspring leafspring

Superspring leafspring

Supersprings Leafsprings

Supersprings for motorhomes are a supplemental suspension solution designed to enhance stability and load-carrying capacity.

These self-adjusting, heavy-duty leaf springs install easily above the existing factory springs.

They provide extra support during heavy loads or uneven terrain, reducing sag and sway.

Supersprings contribute to improved handling, comfort, and overall performance, making them a popular choice for motorhome owners seeking enhanced suspension capabilities.

Showing 4 from 4 Products
Showing 4 from 4 Products
SSA-29 leafspring Ford Transit Connect 2010-2013

SSA-29 leafspring Ford Transit Connect 2010-2013

£712.55 (Incl. VAT £118.76)
In stock
SSA11 Supersprings Blattfeder für Mercedes-Benz Sprinter & Fiat Ducato

Fiat Ducato SSA11 Supersprings

£853.88 (Incl. VAT £142.31)
In stock

What are Supersprings?

Supersprings for motorhomes represent an advanced and effective solution to enhance the suspension system, providing a range of benefits that significantly improve the overall driving experience for motorhome owners. 

These springs are a supplementary suspension system designed to augment the existing factory springs. They consist of a progressive load design, featuring a series of stacked leaves that engage based on the load imposed on the vehicle. One of the key advantages of Supersprings is their self-adjusting nature, meaning they automatically activate based on the weight carried by the motorhome. This makes them particularly well-suited for addressing issues related to sagging, swaying, and body roll, common challenges encountered when dealing with heavy loads or navigating uneven terrains.


Installation of Supersprings is relatively straightforward, as they are typically mounted above the factory leaf springs. This positioning allows for improved load-carrying capacity without compromising the original suspension system. The supplemental support provided by Supersprings proves invaluable during instances of heavy loading, such as when carrying additional equipment, luggage, or towing other vehicles.


The benefits of Supersprings extend beyond load management. These springs contribute to a more stable and controlled ride, reducing the impact of road irregularities and enhancing overall handling. The improved stability is especially noticeable during turns, sudden maneuvers, and encounters with challenging driving conditions. This not only adds to the comfort of the occupants but also contributes to increased safety on the road.

One notable feature of Supersprings is their versatility. They are designed to adapt to different driving scenarios, offering reliable performance across various terrains. Additionally, Supersprings require minimal maintenance, making them a practical and cost-effective choice for motorhome owners seeking long-term suspension solutions.


In summary, Supersprings for motorhomes are a sophisticated suspension enhancement that addresses issues of sagging, swaying, and body roll. With their self-adjusting design, ease of installation, and versatile performance, Supersprings provide motorhome owners with an effective means to optimize load-carrying capacity, stability, and overall ride quality.