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SR Mecatronic ASR900 FLAT Prestige Plus

£2,165.00 (Incl. VAT £360.83)
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Practical and elegant.

This is a high-performance antenna that can easily and conveniently carry out skew correction without the need for tools when you visit remote locations.
Indeed, a numbered dial allows you to rotate the LNB, as required.


Now available


The ASR900 Flat Prestige Plus fully automatic satellite system with GPS and manual SKEW. This system is especially designed to have  reception in a large footprint.

The SR Mecatronic ASR900 Flat prestige Plus is a very reliable and accurate satellite system with a low height of only 19cm. The Mecatronic flat Skew Plus is the flattest system currently available.

The dish and the engine unit are made of high-quality materials. The engines are robust and have proven to be very reliable.

The system has a total weight of only 11kg and can be used with all types of satellite receivers. The LNB can be manually adjusted by turning the wheel on the bottom side of the LNB cover.

The Mecatronic ASR900 Flat Prestige Plus has a DVB-S2 tuner en is fully ready for the future changes. The plus from Mecatronic has 15 satellite positions.

In short: For a good, reliable and robust system that is ready for the future changes we advice a system made by SR Mecatronic.


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